By - September 18, 2018 - 06:34 PM IST

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The Bigg Boss season 2 has reached its penultimate week with top 6 contestants. This week had started on a serious note when the Bigg Boss has warned Kaushal for writing his thoughts on a tissue paper which is against the rules of Bigg Boss house. He also gave warning to singer Geetha Madhuri for whispering something in the ears of Roll Rida.

This week everyone was nominated for eliminations as housemates didn't perform well in previous week's captaincy task and this decision literally shocked all. With this decision, every housemate got upset and they started to blame Kaushal for not following the task rules correctly as he was the Sanchalak. Slowly, it became a heated conversation where everyone started to corner Kaushal. Each member raised a different issue from the past and tried to find the mistakes of Kaushal.

At one instance Kaushal has said, "I had played my own game in the captaincy task".This has further increased the anger of housemates. As the season came almost to an end, we have to see how the situations change in the house. No doubt Kaushal is the top contender for the title. Other housemates viz Samrat, Tanish and Geetha Madhuri are giving tough competition to Kaushal. His calmness and composed attitude in the next weeks will decide his future.

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