Tollywood To Bahubaliwood!

By - September 18, 2018 - 05:45 PM IST

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You don’t really need any introduction on what the name is for the Telugu cinema circuit. It is called as Tollywood and over the last few years, it was causing a bit of confusion because even Bengali cinema industry is also called as Tollywood. Since then, there were suggestions to give a new name to the Telugu industry.

As a result, many have been addressing this circuit as Telugu Film Industry or TFI. While the mixed addressing has been continuing, another name has popped up. This happened in the SIIMA event which took place in Dubai. The term Bollywood is already fixed for the Hindi film industry and Telugu is called Tollywood.

But all those north Indians who were speaking at SIIMA said it should not be called Tollywood it should be called Bahubaliwood. They added this movie is the pride of India and hence ‘Bahubaliwood’ is the apt name. While that cannot be implemented, it only goes to show how the impact of this movie still continues.


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