'Nawab' Cooking Political Controversy ?

By - September 22, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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Though he has not been doing anything great at the box office, the maverick moviemaker Mani Ratnam is one man who has enough magic in him to raise the curiosity of all the cine buffs whenever he announces a movie. This time he is coming up with the new movie ‘Nawab’ and this is creating some buzz right now.

While not much is being noticed in the Telugu states, it is being said that Tamil Nadu folks are gearing up for this movie in a big way. The reason being, there is a strong grapevine that this could cook up a major political controversy there. Apparently, the film revolves around one major mafia guy and his sons.

It is heard that there is a power struggle between both brothers as to who will take the throne of their father. As such, the DMK party is going through a similar situation where the tussle is between M K Stalin and Azhagiri. If this plot has any similarity to that the film is going to get huge mileage and attention. Let us see what happens.

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