Will Bigg Boss Affect Box Office ?

By - September 21, 2018 - 07:11 PM IST

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There is no doubt that among the many reality shows the Bigg Boss 2 is the hottest and most sought after because the home audience got latched onto it in a big way. Right now their emotional quotients are also running high because one of their favorite Kaushal is getting sidelined by the organizers and to some extent by the show’s host Natural Star Nani.

In this process, there are now speculations that Nani is just dancing to the tunes of the show’s organizers and since their only objective is more TRPs and they are not being genuine in terms of deciding about Kaushal. Few accusations are emerging that Nani is being too biased and this is not a good thing.

As a result, another observation has come that his upcoming release ‘DevaDas’ is going to get affected because of his approach towards Kaushal. Well, truth be told, the proceedings at Bigg Boss are in no way going to affect Nani’s movie at the box office. Not to forget, this also has King Akkineni Nagarjuna so no problem.


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