Nagarjuna's Favorite Song In RX 100

By - September 22, 2018 - 07:14 PM IST

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Speaking about the favorite songs from movies the normal process is going in for the chartbusters. Of course, that is the best metric to determine which is a good song and even when some film celebrities are asked about it, they also give their vote to the chartbusters only.

However, the path of King Akkineni Nagarjuna seems to be somewhat different. It is known news that in the recent movie ‘RX 100’ when the discussion of songs came up, many say ‘Pilla raa’ was the best and then ‘kodavali ninda kumkuma puvve..’ was their next favorite.

Recently, when the director and hero went to meet Nag, when they asked which song is his favorite, Nag’s answer was ‘Rudhiram marige..’. In the entire songs list, this is the number with minimum views and it is a pathos song. This came as a surprise but director Ajay Bhupathi shared this to his friends also mentioning his delight.

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