RX 100 Guy On Contrasting 'Hippi'

By - September 22, 2018 - 07:19 PM IST

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Once you see a particular hero in a particular image you would expect him to continue in that type for few more movies before he experiments. However, times have changed and the heroes are coming out of their comfort zones. They are ready to take that risk and the objective is clear.

They want to set a point that they are quite versatile and this would fetch them more acceptance. Among the new wave of heroes, the young man Karthikeya has caught attention with his performance and rugged look in the recent movie ‘RX 100’ which became a big hit.

Now, Karthikeya is coming with his second movie and this is titled as ‘Hippi’. The Tamil biggie Kalaipuli Thanu is the presenter of the movie and the chances of this movie being released in Tamil are also high. Now, the discussion is happening about Karthikeya’s look and appeal.

In ‘RX 100’ he is seen as an intense guy with a very native look and most of his emotions are in a raw fashion. But in ‘Hippi’ he is going to be seen in this complete urban look and the first set of posters have garnered a positive response. Karthikeya seems to have fitted well into this bracket also so let us hope the film works for him.

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