Bigg Boss: Is He Overacting With Insecurity?

By - September 22, 2018 - 08:15 PM IST

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The most talked about reality show of the season is coming to an end and it is also time for figuring out who is going to be the winner of the much coveted Bigg Boss 2. Each passing day new names are making rounds and just when you are sure one person is the winner, things change.

Meanwhile, there are those contestants who seem to have already given up and are revealing their true feelings. Top in that list is Roll Rida. Those who have been watching him in recent episodes are saying he seems to be reacting overly even for trivial situations.

The frequency of his crying has increased and sometimes he does that for unwanted reasons. The common opinion being generated is, Roll Rida is doing this due to insecurity since they have come to the last episode and he is more or less convinced that he would not be the winner for sure. Unusual but true!

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