Allu Arjun With Ajay Bhupathi?

By - September 26, 2018 - 11:23 AM IST

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We have often mentioned how most of the relationships in the cinema industry are need based so when you see two unexpected people catching up, there is bound to be something cooking. It is always about opportunities and collaborations. In lieu of that, few speculations are currently making rounds about two men.

They are stylish star Allu Arjun and new wave director Ajay Bhupathi. It is heard that recently Ajay met Bunny and spent quite a bit of time. He narrated a story to Bunny as per sources from Geetha arts but they are not really confirming it. Speculatively speaking, this looks quite possible otherwise there is no reason for Bunny to meet up with Ajay.

While some are wondering whether it was for a story narration or was it just a courtesy call, the most probable thing would be some kind of narration. It is known that Bunny has been on the lookout for the right kind of scripts and only then he would sign. Perhaps Ajay might have taken a shot at it. The coming days will reveal the truth.

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