Siva Balaji Vs Kaushal: A Case Study

By - September 26, 2018 - 11:21 AM IST

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Most of you would have already forgotten his name by now but then Siva Balaji happens to be an actor who is also the husband of former heroine Madhumitha. More than that, he was the winner of the first edition of the Telugu reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. At that point many expected this victory is going to change Siva Balaji’s fate.

Though he has the right looks and good performance quotient, his career graph never really took off. So, the expectation was ‘Bigg Boss’ would do the needful. However, Siva Balaji didn’t get any benefit in term of movie offers or brand endorsements. Now, all eyes have shifted to Kaushal who looks poised for winning this year’s title.

Of course, we will know the outcome in four days if he is going to get the crown or not but then here is the difference. Though he has many haters, by showing his audacity and a different attitude, Kaushal got a lot of following and this has given him a special identity which is making him a saleable property. Let us see how this works for him.


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