Shaurya's Shocking Smartphone Story!

By - September 27, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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We are living in a world where a mobile phone has become an integral part of our body and we don’t mind not eating food or sleeping but we just cannot live without our mobile phone. At the same time, if we are a high flying celebrity it is imperative we must have a smart phone because the entire world is running around it.

However, one Telugu hero has now sprung a shocker to everyone by revealing an interesting information. He is none other than the handsome hunk Naga Shaurya and he has come up with a post on his social media account revealing he has bought his first smartphone ever. This does sound surprising in today’s time and actually shocking.

The fact that one young contemporary hero is not using smartphone is a surprise which is hard to believe. Yet, we must assume whatever Shaurya is saying is true and what remains to be seen is, will he ever reveal the story behind not having a smartphone all this while and how was he managing all his calls and other stuff.

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