Big Actor Facing Sexual Allegation

By - September 27, 2018 - 01:08 PM IST

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While some call it a courageous move, others call it a sheer publicity stunt to grab some limelight using cheap allegations. Nothing is verified till the actual truth comes out. In the recent past, there have been quite a few instances wherein allegations of sexual abuse have come and this is mostly from the retired heroines.

This time, a big actor is facing sexual allegations from an actress who has been forgotten long ago. The actor is none other than the intense talent Nana Patekar while the actress happens to be Tanushree Dutta who was also seen in few Telugu movies. Apparently, Tanushree has accused Nana of harassing her sexually ten years ago.

She reportedly added that because he is a big star and keeps doing a lot of social work, nobody knows his other side or don’t prefer to speak about it. Well, Tanushree coming up with this after ten long years is odd but then let us wish she proves these allegations with some evidence or else it would turn out to be just another publicity attempt.



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