Bigg Boss: Is Kaushal Bahubali Or Bhallaladeva?

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As we are approaching the finale of the much talked about reality show Bigg Boss 2 the discussion and debates are getting interesting. Most of the times, the central focus is on only one man, Kaushal Manda. He looks poised to become the winner of this show but here is an interesting analysis happening on him.

Many are saying Kaushal is winning hearts like Amarendra Baahubali while an equally good number are saying he is playing games like Bhallalaladeva. There are also those who are saying Kaushal is showing a mixture of both but more effect of Bhallaladeva is being seen. Apparently, winning seems to be his only objective without any emotional attachment.

But on the other hand, Kaushal is also having tears when he gets gifts from his family. Anyhow, many are writing big essays about him on social media comparing his personality to the ‘Baahubali’ characters. Of course, if people are watching the show so much Kaushal’s contribution plays a major role in it.

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