Milky White Beauty Tamannah Takes Shocking Decision!

By - September 28, 2018 - 10:53 AM IST

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As you keep growing in your life, you are bound to have a certain set of habits which you can never get rid of. And things start getting rigid after you reach a certain age. At that point in time, if you have to let go of a habit which has been something you love the most, it can be heartbreaking and sometimes shocking.

The milky white beauty Tamannaah hails from a typical Punjabi family where a morsel of food doesn’t go in without meat. For many years the pretty girl has been a hardcore fan of non-vegetarian and her favorite food was fish and chicken. But now, it is heard that Tammu has taken a shocking decision.

Well, it is heard that Tammu has decided to become a complete vegetarian and there is a reason behind that. She dotes on her pet dog pebbles and right now it suffered a paralysis attack. Tammu has vowed to give up non-vegetarian so that Pebbles can recover quickly. Let us wish this decision works and Pebbles comes back to normal soon.

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