Roll Rida Afraid Of Kaushal Army

By - September 28, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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The proceedings at the most sought after reality show Bigg Boss 2 has been giving out various types of impressions and interpretations. A common pattern being observed is, the contestants are behaving in one way when they are inside the house and they are completely different when they are exiting from the house.

While some are showing over aggression and frustration, some are showing a lot of timidity. The latest participant who came out of the house is Roll Rida and he seems to be showing the latter traits. Apparently, Roll Rida had quite a tiff with Kaushal when in the house but as soon as he came out, he started addressing Kaushal as ‘Kaushal Garu’.

He has been coming up with very positive statements about Kaushal in his media interviews. Those who have been watching all this are saying Roll Rida seems to have changed the plates because he is afraid of the Kaushal Army. As it is, this Kaushal Army is creating quite a buzz and they are now pushing him in a big way. That’s the story folks!

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