Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Show Review, A Roller Coaster Ride

By - September 30, 2018 - 12:36 PM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 show will come to an end on Sunday and the fervor is just not coming down. Telugu speaking audience are so much used to this second season and it has been a hit so far. Hosted by Nani, he show has begun three months ago with 15 participants and now, the final five are in the house prepping up for the grand finale which falls on Sunday.

Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi, Samrat and Tanish are the top five contestants now. From fights to compromises to sacrifices, the members of Bigg Boss season 2 have gone through all ups and downs and thick and thin.

Kaushal has been playing the game with a lot of tricks and tactics, always working hard to still strong though the other members of the house are against him. He has been wining the limelight so far.

But let us see what others have in cards for themselves. Families of the contestants are supporting them a lot on social media platforms on a huge scale.

It is expected that the show will change the fate of the winner as well as the others who have managed to compete with each other enough fame.

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