Nani's Trouble At Nizam Area

By - September 30, 2018 - 07:25 PM IST

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Being a star hero is one tough journey but the tougher part comes when you have to sustain that position amidst all the competition. The moment you slip from it the journey goes downwards and it is a uphill task to come back there. For a long time, Natural Star Nani remained the king of the tier two heroes segment.

There was absolutely no competition for him in that segment and he looked poised to get into the superstar league subject to scoring two consecutive hits. However, before he could do that, another challenge has come for him. It is known that Nani was having a strong hold in the Nizam territory, the biggest market in Telugu states.

But now it is heard that the recent release ‘Geetha Govindam’ clocked a whopping 20.20 crores share making it the number one in that area. So, Nani now has to come up with a movie which can get past this figure in terms of share. His last best was ‘MCA’ which got 14.50 crores so there is a wide gap to be filled by him. Let us see how he does it.

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