Siddharth Matches Sukumar's Standards?

By - October 01, 2018 - 06:30 PM IST

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There are many talented directors in the Telugu Film Industry but among them, only a few stand out because they have something others don’t. One such person is logical director Sukumar. It is not just his stories or screenplay but the attention to detail he has regarding the visuals and creating that onscreen impact which make him special.

Now, one debutante director is being touted as someone who is matching Sukumar’s standards. He is none other than Siddharth and he happens to be the director of the upcoming release ‘Bhairavageetha’ which is being presented by Ram Gopal Varma while Abhishek Nama and Ramesh are the producers.

Inside news reveals that recently few members of the film fraternity got to see the rushes of this movie and they gave a common opinion that it is looking like Sukumar’s ‘Rangasthalam’ standards in terms of visual appeal. If this is true ‘Bhairavadweepam’ is going to create a sensation among the audience.


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