Mahesh Contesting Against Pawan Kalyan

By - October 02, 2018 - 02:00 PM IST

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The cinema fever always continues round the clock but one time where the attention of the public gets diverted is, when the elections are approaching. The love for politics in this country goes beyond words and this time, the political situation in the state of Andhra Pradesh is going to be rather exciting.

The reason being, power star Pawan Kalyan is entering the arena with his party Jana Sena. And before he can stand, he has already found a challenger who has been haunting him since a long time. He is none other than Kathi Mahesh. The spat between Mahesh and fans of Pawan is known and here is the latest update.

It is heard that wherever Pawan is going to stand in the 2019 elections, Mahesh is keen to stand against him. The noted film critic is expected to get a ticket from the YSRCP. Of course Pawan will contest as an MLA whereas Mahesh has announced he is going to contest as an MP. However, he wants to be in the same constituency which has Pawan. Let us see who wins this then.

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