NTR Biopic In Two Parts

By - October 02, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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It appears that the proceedings of the much talked about biopic on the great N T Rama Rao is nothing short of a suspense thriller because each time an update comes, there is some interesting twist. This time, there is a strong grapevine that the film is going to come in two parts. This topic had made rounds previously too.

Eventually, it was termed as not true. However, inside news now reveals the makers are contemplating on making it two parts wherein NTR’s movie life would be shown in one part while his political journey would be shown in second part. Apparently, they have been trying hard to make it in 3 hours plus duration.

Despite their best efforts, the run time is going to nearly 5 hours. Hence, it is heard that they are looking at two parts where there would be a gap of fifteen days between both parts release. At the moment, it is just making rounds as a gossip so an official confirmation is still awaited. Many feel this is a wise decision.

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