Mr & Mrs Sivabalaji gives back at trollers

By - October 05, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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The followers of Kaushal were happy to see their favorite contestant winning the Bigg Boss title for this year. After battling out nearly four months, the Television actor and model clinched victory on Sunday, after triumphing popular singer Geetha Madhuri.

Soon after his win, fans of Kaushal -popularly known as Kaushal Army-took to social media platform Twitter to convey their heartfelt wishes for the winner. Several comments flooded the micro blogging site, but some excited members of online community went a step ahead seeking the wishes from other celebs on social media and targeted the first season’s winner- Siva Balaji -with intolerable and offensive language.

You can find trolls, social media abuse and attacks on celebs all over the internet but some insane people have stooped to a level so low that we ashamed of describing. It’s certainly shoddy when someone encounters the unexpected and irrelevant things on social media. Going into the news, some fans of Kaushal opened a barrage of objectionable and demeaning tweets saying that “Siva Balaji is jealous of Kaushal and his stardom after Bigg Boss win’

Giving it back to few of rude and abusive comments, Siva Balaji’s spouse Madhumitha directly tweeted back asking them to mind their language and revealed that Kaushal sought inputs of Siva Balaji and spoke to him for about 1.5-2 hours before entering the house. Madhumita also informed that she has been regularly talking to Neelima Manda, Kaushal’s wife, when ever she felt a moment of low and guided her on how to work outside the house. She revealed this only to make the haters understand But, never like to publicize the internal matters.

This seems an appropriate slap on unprovoked hatred from the juvenile netizens who has targeted Siva Balaji unnecessarily.

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