Bigg Boss Kaushal Mania at Suchitra KLM Shopping Mall

By - October 04, 2018 - 05:21 PM IST

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The immense craze of Kaushal in the BiggBoss house is already known. Now, the show had come to an end but people's love for Kaushal is increasing day-by-day.

He first interacted with his fans immediately after coming out of the house. Then, he gave an Interview to a popular news channel where Fans ranging from common people to Deputy Commissioner called him and appreciated for the way he played the game.

After seeing Kaushal's craze, one of the famous shopping malls in Telangana, KLM has called him to inaugurate their mall in Suchitra. There we could witness the Tsunami of people who came only to see Kaushal. This kind of gaga happens only for star heroes or star heroines but for a normal actor, this is not expected. Even he is unable to estimate or calculate his popularity range which has been raging to peaks.

Hope this public craze on Kaushal may give an answer to some people who are still calling 'Kaushal Army' as a Paid Army.


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