Another sri reddy in bollywood, Tanushree dutta became hot topic

By - October 04, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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Just recently we had announced that an actress has earned the title of Bollywood Sri Reddy thanks to her fresh set of allegations on noted stars. Incidentally, she happens to be a retired actress who is not even doing any character roles. She is none other than Tanushree Dutta. She has accused men like Nana Patekar and others with sexual harassment.

This is how she got that title and now Tanushree has taken it a step further by pulling the political party MNS. She has reportedly mentioned that she was threatened to death by this party. This has not gone too well with the party folks and whether they really threatened her or not, they have done something else.

Reports reveal they have approached the organizers of the hot show ‘Bigg Boss’ and have reportedly made it clear that Tanushree dutta must not be allowed inside the Bigg Boss house. Well, with just two or three statements, Tanushree has managed to get the spotlight onto her. However, if her accusations turn out to be false the story is going to get very ugly.

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