Mahesh-Prabhas Giving Big Boost!

By - October 05, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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You would have come across several writings from us wherein we mentioned how the film celebrities of the Telugu Industry prefer to diversify their earnings and invest in other industries. Most of them go for food and hospitality while the rest go for real estate. The common thing is, majority of them don’t look towards cinema.

Those who are part of the industry know very well cinema business is not a fetching stream. However, when there is passion there is always the will and right now the cinema infrastructure in Telugu states is getting a big boost in the form of superstar Mahesh Babu and young rebel star Prabhas.

Recently Mahesh had invested a huge sum in a theatrical chain and now it is heard that Prabhas is pumping a fair share of his earnings into movie related ventures. Notable among them are theatre expansions, upgrading. It is heard that Prabhas is putting it in his friendly banner UV Creations. This is indeed a welcome move.

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