Man Behind Kaushal's KLM Offer

By - October 05, 2018 - 04:40 PM IST

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Kalamandir Kalyan is known as Hyderabad based saree baron. He is popular in Telugu and Kannada Film Industry circles as he supports film events and known for paying good amounts for infilm branding. Recently his company started a new business called KLM Fashion Mall that became more popular with Bigg Boss show as almost every episode has shown the letters KLM either at the gym area, or bathrooms or on pillow covers of Bigg boss house.

Eventually, Kaushal has won the Biggboss title and everyone knows about that. But the intelligent part lies here. Kaushal doesn't know how popular he became outside the house. He was earlier associated with some brands as a model but not with his name.

Kalamandir Kalyan, predicting the winner of Kaushal in Biggboss, approached his family members much before the final episode and closed the deal to endorse KLM. As soon as Kaushal came out from the house, signatures were taken formally. It is needless to say how big is Kaushal now and his Kaushal Army. Thousands of his fans gushed at the opening of this brand new showroom at Suchitra yesterday shouting "Kaushal Kaushal".

Now the discussion in business circles is about the vision of Kalamandir Kalyan aka KLM Kalyan.

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