Gossips On Heroine-Director Bonding

By - October 05, 2018 - 11:00 AM IST

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He hails from the south who shocked the entire nation with his dance and eventually became a noted director in Hindi. She hails from the north who became a top star in the south and while she still continues to do projects, the same is the case with this director who has also acted in quite a few films.

Since the last few months, a strong gossip has been making rounds about both of them. It is heard that the duo is spending a lot of time with each other and in order to not give room for any rumours, they are doing their best to do movies together and use that as a camouflage. Incidentally, the director is already married.

Some sources from Mumbai reveal the starlet’s parents are a bit worried as they are sensing their daughter is getting into a deep relationship with this director. As such, both of them are very practical but you never know when attraction strikes and everything goes out of the window. Only time will reveal their future.

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