Akhil's Romance With Brazilian Model

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In the last decade or so, the Telugu Film industry has actually crossed the boundaries of India and has been importing many foreign beauties. Most of the times, these beauties are brought in for special item numbers but slowly even they are being asked to act and do some roles. This new trend always catches attention.

Now, it is heard that Akkineni prince Akhil is busy romancing a Brazilian beauty albeit onscreen. All this is happening for his new movie ‘Mr Majnu’ and it is heard that this girl is called Izabelle Leite. Incidentally, Izabelle was to make her debut in another movie which was being helmed by Jayant Paranjee but that never happened.

Sources say though Nidhi Aggarwal is the main female lead in ‘Mr Majnu’, Izabelle has sufficient screen space with Akhil and it is going to register her image in the hearts of the audience. Helmed by Venky Atluri of ‘Tholi Prema’ fame the shooting has been done extensively in England and India. Let us see how this Brazilian beauty would be received by the Telugu folks.

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