Samrat Humble Request to Kaushal

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The Biggboss show is already over but the heat created by it is rising with every passing day. Every Housemate has moved on with their respective lives including the winner Kaushal who is busy with his serial shooting and new brand endorsements. But, Some Housemates are still feeling the heat and they are venting their anger at a public platform.

Firstly, The Humanist Babu Gogineni was fuming on Kaushal right from the day he was evicted. He was giving interviews to news channels where he was alleging Kaushal with fake votes scam.

Now, Samrat too joined this propaganda. He, who has given an interview recently to a news channel, said that the game is already over and trolls on Housemates by Kaushal Army even now are meaningless and unacceptable. He also said, "At least the lady contestants should be spared from these kinds of bad trolls."

Though Samrat has a valid point, we have to see whether these trolls on BiggBoss 2 contestants will stop or not.

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