Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava Film Story Revealed by Trivikram

By - October 08, 2018 - 06:14 PM IST

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The Most awaited movie of the year 'Aravindha Sametha' is getting released this week with never before hype and curiosity among the fans and Trade Circle. The Post Production of this movie is happening briskly and the hero and director are giving back to back interviews as part of promotional activity garnering enough hype.

In one of the interviews to a leading news channel, The anchor asked the difference between Aravindha Sametha  and other Faction background movies. For which, Trivikram replied "Most of the previous faction movies dealt with feud and crime between two families and ends abruptly not talking about the aftermath of a battle. This movie is all about the sequences which come after a war is ended."

He also said that there are sequences in the movie which shows how a woman in the Household thinks about his husband when he is on the battlefield." This is a progressive thought indeed.

So, we have to wait for few more days to see the Magic of Tarak-Trivikram Combo.

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