What Is The Remedy For #MeToo?

By - October 12, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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All it takes is one spark for the entire nation to just keep running around one issue as if they are possessed and in this process, they end up using their energy and emotion in a large manner. This time, it is the #MeToo  issue which is bringing out many actresses and long forgotten heroines to come up with some controversial statement.

Point is, many decades ago he has done something is the allegation. Now that this allegation has come, what needs to be done in the legal perspective? Some are planning to come up with a Public Interest Litigation like this- ”Those who have put this allegation, if they don’t submit evidence within thirty days to the court it should automatically get converted into defamation case. The victim who has faced the allegation can go to court and the girl who has complained should pay penalty since her allegations have proved to be wrong. This actually causes a lot of mental stress and trauma if it is just a baseless allegation.”

Wonder what the legal experts have to say to this.

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