#MeToo Blackmailing Started?

By - October 11, 2018 - 12:00 PM IST

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The unfortunate thing about Indians is, we have tremendous brains but it tends to work for the wrong reasons. More than those who believe in doing something for others, there are those who strongly believe in either trampling or exploiting the other person for their own selfish gains and growth.

This is the major reason why India as a country lacks not just in discipline but also in basic civic sense. All you need to do is just walk on the road and you can see several people violating the law or not showing the minimum common sense of discipline. Lately, this trend has begun showing in the women too.

As part of that the ‘MeToo’ allegation mania has struck an idea in the minds of few crooked women. Some ladies are now using this as a tool and blackmailing those who are vulnerable. The fact that you don’t really need evidence and the basic allegation is sufficient to cause enough embarrassment is their main weapon. What a shame!

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