Casual Meet Led To Gossips

By - October 11, 2018 - 09:49 AM IST

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It is a common habit to attach few gossips and speculations when two celebrities from different walks of life meet. In the last few years, such encounters have increased a lot and the nexus between the cinema industry and sports industry has grown immensely. Akin to that, one casual meet led to few gossips.

The captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli was reportedly in Hyderabad at the Annapurna Studios and he was there to do the shooting for an advertisement commercial. In this process, the Akkineni Prince Akhil  came to meet Virat. As such, both men share a common passion and that is cricket.

According to sources from Annapurna compound, they met casually and it shaped for gossips that they are working on some project. We also know what the outcome of this is going to be. These rumours will make rounds for one or two days and after that, everyone will go back their own ways. That’s how this works.