#MeToo Threat For Tollywood Men

By - October 11, 2018 - 09:54 AM IST

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Call it the over enthusiasm of the electronic media or an opportunity being seen by few through social media, the #MeToo mania has suddenly caught fire and all those who were totally forgotten are now coming out and trying to grab their share of sympathy, mileage and attention. This has created an awkward situation.

Men in the Telugu Film industry are now gripped by the fear of ‘Me Too’ because if they had misbehaved or hurt anyone in any party many years ago even unknowingly they might face the music. Cases are pouring in like crazy and they are saying “If these women do hungama now we cannot show our face.”

Another person says “I had sent one girl away because she was not doing proper work and vented my frustration at her inefficiency. Now she might take revenge by coming up with this ‘Me Too’ threat.” In offices also cams are there so everyone is being careful now that this threat has started. How unusual!

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