Even Kaushal Is Not Spared

By - October 12, 2018 - 09:51 AM IST

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Just two days ago he was the hero in everyone’s eyes and he became the latest sensation among the youth and masses alike. He also became much closer to the home audience and speculations about him signing up a flurry of movie offers also came in. We are talking about Kaushal Manda, the winner of Bigg Boss 2.

But even before he can float in delight, Kaushal seems to have put his foot in his mouth by few statements and is facing the music. Apparently, Kaushal was sharing his thoughts in an interview when he came up with statements like he received congratulatory call from Prime Minister’s Office and he was also approached by Guinness Book Of World Records.

This was enough to trigger the netizens who are not sparing even someone like superstar Mahesh Babu or power star Pawan Kalyan. They have begun a trolling spree on Kaushal and in a way, they have enough reason to do that. Well, before the aura of Kaushal gets spoiled, he better watch out his next set of statements.

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