Small Film Becomes Bigger Now

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Big films will always arrive with big expectations and they have their own set of marketing and publicity techniques which adds to the hype. But the same cannot be expected from a small budget flick. Nine out of ten movies come in without a noise and leave the theatres without a noise. And those which don’t, really create an impact.

One small film which seems to be growing bigger with each passing day is ‘Bhairavageetha’ which is being presented by the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma. The latest update is that the film is going to be released in four languages which means it is going to have a multilingual release. This marks the debut of Siddharth as the director.

When the film was being made it was perceived to be in just Telugu in small budget. Then it got dubbed into Kannada because the hero Dhananjay acted and producer is from Kannada. Recently, producer Abhishek Nama watched it and felt it should be released in Tamil also. Now the Hindi dubbing rights have been sold for three crores as per sources. Good going folks!

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