Indraganti all set for next film

By - October 16, 2018 - 11:48 AM IST

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Indraganti Mohan Krishna is known to deliver some smooth and pleasant which are definitely worth watching. His recent film Sammohanam, which was released in June, was a commercial hit at the box office. The director hasn’t announced about his upcoming projects after the release of the film, but looks like he is ready with a script now.

This talented director has made almost nine films till now and each of them have a different story and you just don’t feel like they are copied from somewhere or are boring at some point. Such is his craft as a director. The director took to Twitter to share that nothing more is exhilarating than finishing a screenplay and that he has done for another one, which is going to be an action thriller. 

The next film from the director is going to be a jam-packed action thriller which the director is just waiting to be served on the platter for all those movie buffs who are waiting for a next film from the director. Nothing about the cast and other crew is announced yet as he is yet to narrate the script to those actors who are on his mind.

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