Kickboxing Hero In Tollywood

By - October 17, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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When we see a hero onscreen we tend to get an idea of what sets of skills he has such as fighting, dancing, singing, acting and others. However, there are times when these heroes have certain talents which don’t come out onscreen. Martial arts is something only very few heroes are familiar with.

One of the main reasons why power star Pawan Kalyan generated so much craze among the youth was his prowess in martial arts. Over a period of time, many heroes have come but they just learnt some stuff for celluloid purpose. However, one hero has now entered the Telugu cine circuit and here is the scoop.

We are talking about Karthikeya, the hero who had a dream start in the form of the super hit ‘RX 100’. While many were drooling over his well sculpted physique as well as stamina, here is the other secret. Sources say Karthikeya happens to be a certified kickboxer and he practices it daily for fitness.

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