MeToo Effect Keeps Actresses In Tension

By - October 24, 2018 - 10:38 AM IST

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Any issue if it is dealt with in a genuine and selfless manner, it always creates the right outcome and peace of mind. But when you try to overdo it and try to have a piece of the cake even if you don’t deserve it, the entire initiative becomes a farce and nothing else.

The ongoing ‘#MeToo’ issue sounded like something genuine at the first but after looking at the way few actresses have started making a mess out of it, the sanctity is lost. Not just that, all are keeping the heroines away with the fear that she might end up creating a ruckus later.

Similarly, they are putting the casting agents also at a distance, all the beautiful ladies and starlets are getting scared. As such, till this issue dies down this fear will be there but after that nobody is going to care. For now, the tension is on so let us see when things are going to change.

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