Tumbbad Waves In Hyderabad

By - October 24, 2018 - 11:15 AM IST

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We have often mentioned as to how the Telugu audience is quite big hearted when it comes to cinema and language doesn’t really matter to them if it is offering the right kind of entertainment. This is one reason why many heroes and heroines from the other industries have become famous here.

This time, it is the turn of one Hindi movie which is creating many waves across Hyderabad. We are talking about the film ‘Tumbbad’ and it is doing very well especially in multiplexes. Most of the reviews have hailed the film critically and technically. They say it is something very new and innovative.

On the other hand, due to lack of budget the promotions were not happening but still the film has got a wonderful review across India. The main cause for this is the social media where a lot of hype is happening. For the record, ‘Tumbbad’ happens to be the Sanskrit term for the musical instrument trumpet.

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