NTR's Risky Step For Rajamouli

By - October 24, 2018 - 02:24 PM IST

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You would have noticed that since the past many years heroes have been transforming themselves to fit into the characters they are playing on a physical level. Incidentally, even some of the heroines also have been doing that to get into the size zero figure.

While it is always easy to put on weight, the biggest challenge is to cut it down. We have already seen how the awesome beauty Anushka is struggling real hard to get back to shape. In the midst of this, one news has become a hot topic. This is about young tiger Junior NTR.

It is known that at one point Tarak was quite flabby and after ‘Yamadonga’ he transformed into a lean man. Now, it is heard that he has been asked to build a brawny physique by the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli for his ‘RRR’ and Tarak has agreed to it.

He is working with the international fitness specialist Lloyd Stevens to get into that frame but this is sending few waves of apprehension. Given Tarak’s tendency to put on weight easily, would he be able to cut down when all this is done? This is going to be a risky move.


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