Dil Raju Is Losing His Golden Touch

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It is more like a tradition to come up with some prefixes or special titles to those film celebrities who keep doing something successful constantly. Most of the times, such titles are attributed to heroes, directors and music directors but not really to the producers.

Despite that, one man got a special title. He is none other than Dil Raju and he is called the man with the golden hand. It is strongly believed that Dil Raju has the knack to identify successful movies and understand the audience pulse. Due to that, he became a brand.

As a result, whenever he came up with a film audience used to rush to theatres just on his name. However, all that seems to have gone down the drain this year. Dil Raju has ended up scoring big flops in the form of 'Srinivasa Kalyanam & 'Lover'. Let us wish he regains the title soon.

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