#MeToo: Danger Bells Turning Like Calling Bells?

By - October 26, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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The adage ‘Too much is too bad’ holds good not just for food or habits but also for certain important issues related to society and human psyche. When the ‘#MeToo’ movement started, it had more to do with bringing justice to those women who were sexually exploited.

However, some ladies who were simply waiting for an opportunity to steal some attention and satisfy their identity crisis grabbed this chance and have been creating quite a ruckus. In this process, the entire purpose is getting lost. Overdose of that is diluting the effect.

Looking at the way things are happening, some are quipping “If you hear a danger bell once it is nice but if you keep hearing it constantly like a calling bell you lose the fear or impact.” Akin to that, the whole aspect of ‘MeToo’ is now becoming a farce with few worthless individuals using it.

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