Big Actor In Sri Reddy's Tension

By - October 29, 2018 - 03:30 PM IST

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Whenever you hear the name Sri Reddy you can only relate to it in the form of some controversy or a sensational allegation more than her being a film actress. Currently, Sri Reddy is in Chennai working in Tamil movies but that has not stopped her from continuing what she has been good at, attacking the big heads.

This time around, Sri Reddy has come up with a post targeting a big actor in the Tamil film industry and though she didn’t take the name everybody knew who she is referring to. From her end, Sri Reddy has given a warning very soon she is going to come in front of the media with all the required evidence.

With this, it is heard that the big actor has begun having sleepless nights and is pulling all possible strings to silence this issue at the earliest. While that is one side, some are also doubting the genuineness behind Sri Reddy’s statement because she has done something like this before and went quiet after that.

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