Intelligent Hero With Reviewers

By - October 30, 2018 - 10:01 AM IST

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We have often mentioned about the film industry’s stand towards the film reviewers and truth be told, it has never been positive. Almost the entire film fraternity hates the film reviewers as they strongly believe their films get judged without recognizing their efforts and hardwork. Of course, the reviewers have their view.

They simply look at it as a product that is meant for the entertainment of people and hence try to come up with observations for the betterment. Keeping that debate aside, a surprise has come in the form of one hero who seems to be in full support of the reviewers. He is none other than the talented Sree Vishnu.

Recently he got to share his thoughts when he reportedly mentioned he has always respected reviewers and their opinions. He maintained he never fights with reviewers and those who heard this are saying Vishnu is making an intelligent move with these statements. Let us see if the reviewers give consideration to his next film then.

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