Suku's Two Pronged Approach For Mahesh

By - November 03, 2018 - 11:31 AM IST

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When you are keen to work with a big star hero you need to be rightly prepared to do so. The first litmus test to pass is the narration. In fact, this is more or less the make or break deal hence you need to be very strongly prepared. Keeping that in mind, it is heard that logic director Sukumar has adopted a two pronged approach.

This is for superstar Mahesh Babu. According to reports, Sukumar is keen to work with Mahesh as he wants to make up for the flop he gave to Mahesh in the form of ‘1-Nenokkadine’. Presently Mahesh is in the US and he would be arriving to Hyderabad in another week or so. Before that, Sukumar has reportedly prepared two scripts.

This time, he wants to narrate one line to Mahesh and if the latter is not excited with it, Sukumar is expected to pitch the second storyline. Either ways, Sukumar has adopted a two pronged approach and the genres of both the stories are quite diverse so the total decision lies in the hands of Mahesh to choose one.

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