Boyapati's Fate In Rajamouli's Hands

By - November 03, 2018 - 12:07 PM IST

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Reading the headline might make you feel a bit strange because the Mass Ustad Boyapati Sreenu has a fabulous track record as a director so what is the link between his career and the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. While you are true to a good extent, right now it appears Boyapati’s fate is in Rajamouli’s hands.

This is in context to the film Boyapati has been making since a long time with mega powerstar Ram Charan. According to latest reports, the film still has a good amount of shooting to be done. However, sources reveal Charan has given the first choice to Rajamouli who will commence shooting for his new movie post Diwali.

It is heard that this is going to take place at Aluminium Factory in Hyderabad and if Rajamouli wishes, Charan is ready to keep the Boyapati project on hold for a while and get to shooting. This does come as a surprise because Boyapati commenced his project many months ago. Let us wait to see how things shape up.

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