Film Industry's Conspiracy On Websites

By - November 08, 2018 - 07:30 PM IST

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The business of online sites is such that even top websites are relying on direct ads especially from cinema circuit. In return, the producers are spending lakhs for banner ads. If they stop giving those ads the big sites will either die or will bend to industry’s demands. That way, the ratings can be controlled.

This sort of discussion has started in producers council at Filmnagar but the implementation is difficult. During the face to face meeting they will say okay but when their movies come they will bribe the top websites and want to get positive reviews for their movies. The council can say that if the ad is seen the producer would be banned.

Yet, they cannot do anything about the review. On the other hand, if ratings are given taking money the website will go down. They are aware of that and hence they don’t compromise on reviews. The budgets also will work out if ads are not given. As it is they cannot control social media and due to that online income has come down a lot including Google ads and all are depending on direct ads.


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