Variety Demand Of Tamil Heroes

By - November 09, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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Whenever the comparison between the heroes of Telugu and Tamil cinema takes place, there is a distinct difference. While the Telugu heroes focus more on glamour, style and fashion in their projection, the Tamil heroes focus more on innovation, creativity and something earthly and rustic which reflects offbeat variety.

Some of the top heroes in the Kollywood circuit often go for variety and unconventional roles. Notable among them are Chiyaan Vikram, the supremely talented Suriya, the lean striker Dhanush, versatile Ajith and others. Time and again, they have attempted to come up with different characters which offer a different experience.

In a way, the origin to all this is the Universal Star Kamal Haasan who has always experimented with his image and persona. Given their risk taking ability and will to do experiments, some of the heroes have managed to gain markets in Telugu as well. This variety trend has slowly started in Telugu so this is going to be interesting.


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