Suresh Babu Stopped Diwali Crackers

By - November 08, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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The festival of lights is being celebrated all across the nation today and even those Indians who are across the globe would be following the suit. During this time, it is natural to scout for locations where you get good quality crackers at best prices. Since the last 11 years in Ramanaidu studios crackers were being sold.

The premises there used to sell the topmost Ayyan brand crackers and there were categories. In three grades they used to get packed and sold in cheaper rates. This also was more like an evolutionary thing. First the crackers were sold only for Ramanaidu studios staff. Then slowly it went to friends and relative circles.

Cut to the present, public is coming to the studios enquiring about the crackers and buying in large quantities. In a way, this has become the sought after place for many. But suddenly the crackers stand was not there this time. It is heard that just one year’s stock was sold for three years and Suresh Babu felt it is a waste of energy and resources hence he stopped the sale this year.


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