Aamir Did This For Thugs Of Hindostan!

By - November 08, 2018 - 10:44 AM IST

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Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan role as Firangi is going viral all over the social media since it was unveiled. The film is releasing on November 8 and you all have to know that Aamir has got himself involved extremely well for his character. Want to know more, read on what his stylists and designers Rushi and Manoshi say.

Aamir sports earrings and a big nose ring in the film and we have learnt that the actor actually pierced his body for the role. Aamir reveals, “ When I started working on the character, I felt that he (Firangi) should have a nose pin. It was something that was very instinctive for me. When I’m playing a character, I want to try and feel as much as possible that I am the character. When I live with all of this, whether its the nose ring or the ear studs, it becomes a part of me.”

Director Vijay Krishna Acharya (Viktor) credits Aamir’s dedication to become Firangi by saying, “I have seen him go through all piercings and it was really a very brave attempt on his part. I think he has given a lot of blood to this role!”

The costume designers Rushi and Manoshi highlight that Aamir took the heaviest nose pin with the thickest wire despite knowing it would hurt him that much more while piercing! “There were hundreds of nose pins in front of him a thin one, a pretty one, a nice one which looked good but had a very thin wire. He chose the one with the thickest wire and the heaviest in weight,” they say.

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