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By - November 07, 2018 - 03:39 PM IST

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Cast: Piglet, Ravi Babu, Abhishek Verma, Nabha Natesh & others
Banner: Suresh Productions & Flying Frogs Production
Music: Prashanth Vihari
Producer: D Suresh Babu
Writer-Director: Ravi Babu

Rating: 1.5/5

Actor-Director Ravi Babu’s films always have a special place in the audience minds as they are somewhat different from the regular stereotypes. His recent movie Adhugo also falls under the rarest films category as it is the first Indian film based on a Piglet.

However, he underwent a lot of difficulties and technical hurdles while making Adhugo movie. Well, Adhugo movie has taken a very long time of around three and half years to get completed and reach theatres.


A Piglet (Bunty) runs away from his home after a spat with his father. He unknowingly swallows a microchip which has the information regarding a disputed land in Hyderabad. This makes Sixpacks Shakthi Gang & Durga gang furious as these both gangs are after that particular land.

Later this piglet goes into the hands of lovers (Nabha Natesh & Abhishek Verma) and they eventually become a target for the two gangs. On the other side, few other gangs are on a serious hunt for Bunty to fulfil their emergency need.

At this juncture, how Bunty got away from these gangs is the rest of the story.

Actors & Performances:

Ravi Babu- He played the role of Six Pack Shakthi in the movie. He gave his best for the role requirements.

Abhishek Verma & Nabha Natesh looks good as lovers on the silver screen. However, Nabha Natesh has been limited to less screen space in the film.


Adhugo movie stands out as the first Indian film based on a Piglet and for this feat director Ravi Babu to be applauded. Well, his attempt of presenting a piglet as a hero on the screen is good for sure. But, the story weaved around it is not at all strong and impressive.

And coming to the characters in the movie, their designing is very weak and bad. Those badly designed characters also damaged the movie to a certain extent. As Rajamouli’s Eega movie was conceived in a way where the audience got connected with activities of FLY in the film. Coming to Adhugo, the believability factor has gone missing during the narration.

Well, VFX is very good and the production has backed a good technical crew to make this film sound on the technical front. Finally, Ravi Babu failed to write the strong story to support the piglet in the film and it is the main reason for this movie to funk at the box office.

Technical Aspects:

VFX shots of Piglet in the film are good. Music & Cinematography departments gave their full support to the movie. Production Design sets up the right tone for the film with their work. Production values from production houses are grand.

Plus Points:

+ Bunty (Piglet)
+ Technical Departments

Minus Points:

- Story
- Characterizations

Final Verdict:

Ravi Babu’s Adhugo fails to entertain the audience.


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